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What keywords are driving organic traffic today? Are they all branded? Should you be blogging? is your back-end meta tagging optimized for maximum SEO benefit? 

Your Brand Experiences Online Matter

Website & Analytics

Does search traffic around your industry spike at certain times? Are you in a position to capitalize? Is there seasonality you should be aware of to maximize results?

What does your analytics set up look like? Are you using Google Tag Manager? Are you creating custom audiences with the most recent advertising pixels?

We'll take a look at the following aspects of your online experience and showcase problem areas, immediate wins, and areas of growth in 2018. 

Mobile Experience

Social Channels

Is your engagement where it should be? Do you have a solid 2018 social strategy? Are you taking advantage of new ad types that were released in 2017?

How does your mobile listing look? How many clicks does it take to purchase or convert? Is it as fast as it should be? Is it immediately clear what you do?

Organic Web Traffic


We'll walk through each area with you to show what you should do today, what you could do tomorrow, and how to get there with the resources at hand.

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