Every week we put our President, Gary Stockert, on the spot to answer 3 questions in 3 minutes. Gary doesn’t know what questions will be asked or even WHEN we will barge into his office and demand answers! We live in a time period of short attention spans and a sea of knowledge at our fingertips, it is up to him to explain and distill these questions into short and easy answers for you!

1. What Are the Main Aspects of Social Media Marketing?

  • Reach: This is a huge component of social media marketing because this tells you how many people potentially saw your post. It is easy to confuse reach with impressions, but be sure to differentiate them because impressions is the total number of times that your content is displayed in the news feed of anyone, any number of times on Facebook. Reach is the total number of people that saw that content. Having a large reach isn’t necessarily great, it matters if the reach is the best potential audience or is part of your core audience, quality is equally as important as quantity when it comes to reach.
  • Engagement: Engagement reveals a lot of information about content and if you are reaching the correct audience. As mentioned above, a large reach is great, but if partnered with low engagement this is a huge indicator of unoptimized targeting. If you retarget your post there is a greater potential to reach your core audience and increase the chances of achieving higher engagement. Having a strategic messaging strategy is a key component in maximizing engagement. Over the years, we have refined a three step process to creating a strategic plan for all of your social needs.
  • Creating Loyalty: Loyalty translates into dollars in the long run. If you can create lifelong fans, you can create lifelong conversions and it will open up your sales funnel and spread awareness through word of mouth (which is becoming more and more important in the sea of millions of different brands). Lucky for you, Gary explains how much online reviews matter!

2. How Much Do Online Reviews Matter?

  • B2B Relations: This one might come to a surprise to most, but more and more when a B2B relationship is forming one of the first places people go is to the review section! If their customers aren’t happy with them, their reviews might shed light as to what the problem could be and give them an edge on any partnership activities.
  • Sales: How many of you made the mistake of ordering something without checking the reviews, only to find out you could have been saved a whole lot of time and effort if you only checked the reviews first? Reviews become especially important when speaking about the Home Services industry because Google has been putting their focus on this area with their Local Service Ads which favor companies with good reviews in a geographical area and allow them to advertise to people searching for them! Many people check reviews before purchasing so make sure if you have any negative reviews that you address them immediately!

3. What Platform Should Be Used for B2C Marketing?

  • Percent of Population: There is no one size fits all approach for this question because it all comes down to where your specific audience is active. Use the platform that has the largest percentage of your core audience active. This will set you up to get the highest potential for a larger reach, engagement and ideally conversions.
  • Demographic First: If you aren’t sure what platform to use, find out what your target demographic is doing online and then think about the activity they are doing on those platforms. Once you know what platform your core audience is on and how they are using the platform, you then can create specific content.

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