Social media is a huge part of my life and since I started with Modern Foundation, I have learned MANY practices that have helped me think more strategically when I am posting on social media.

For the longest time, I have used social media as a place to share my weight loss journey and track my progress.

Before, when I posted social content to my Facebook and Instagram profiles, my biggest concern was the number of ‘likes’ my posts received. I wasn’t tracking how social media was impacting my website.

After two years with Modern Foundation, I think differently about what I am trying to achieve on social media. I am now most interested in how social traffic is impacting my website traffic. I added Google Analytics to my website to better understand what people are engaged with and try to create content that is in line with the interests of my followers.

Since I have added Google Analytics to my website, I have been a pretty big geek about studying trends, insights and improvements that I can make for my own brand. These are very much things that overlap between my personal and professional roles.

Before I had Google Analytics on my website, I took for the granted the visitors that I had coming to my site. These are things that I make a point to share with my client’s and continue to track and analyze for my client’s websites.

Google Analytics has key points and insights that every marketer should be aware of to better understand the customers and visitors on their website, to craft messages and develop campaigns around the content that resonates with their visitors.

You can start by reviewing analytics of pages that have driven the most traffic, pages that have seen a higher amount of time spent on the site, and pages that have driven people to follow through on a call-to-action.

If you’d like to chat more about Google Analytics and how to improve website metrics please reach out to us.