I thought I’d briefly mention some of the shifts that have happened with Google’s algorithm over the past year and how they’ve impacted the way marketers think about content on their website. Some of the biggest goals for websites in the past have been to drive product clicks, views of pages, time spent on pages and to drive the amount of pages that are consumed by a visitor. What Google’s done through their algorithm changes is they’ve made it more difficult for marketers to do that.

The reason is simple…landing pages.

They are a key component to an effective advertising effort today, because what they do is drive the user directly to an end goal immediately. That’s a good thing in a best practice sense for a reason, however, Google says if you want your sites relevancy to improve you need people to spend more time on your site consuming content. With that being said, if you’re driving people to a landing page, to perform one action and you’re successful, that means your landing page can even be an exit page or the last thing they do on your site.

The goal is to hook them with a piece of content that will keep them on your site longer! I usually refer to it as the digital breadcrumb trail, what I think of as a way to create snack-sized content to keep people consuming content. The more time people spend consuming content the more likely they will be to complete important goals for you other than just the main goal you have. It’s important to enhance the user’s experience and give them more content to consume.

In summary, Google is trying to drive the relevancy of your site in the way that they determine your site is most relevant.

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