In this installment of ‘A Thoughtful Shot,’ we will take a look at how to approach keywords.

As we continue to think about the growth and change of Google and its algorithm, it’s important to note that the goals of any brand have to change too.

In the past, we used to emphasize positions 1-10; meaning if the keyword for your website ranked somewhere in the top 10, you were performing at an optimal place. However, research continues to show that fewer and fewer people are scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

Google made an algorithm change enhancing the mobile user’s experience by moving the right margin of paid listings to the bottom of page 1. This move really changes the value of those top positions, which Google has also expanded. In the past, your first three paid positions were listed and then you moved to organics for the next set of listings. Now, the top four paid positions are listed in the top third of the page.  So, really the top five positions are the most important. If you have keywords that are ranking in the 6-10 range, than your priority should be to move those up into the 1-5 positions.

When we narrow our focus in on what keywords are the most important, by determining things like search volume and competitors, to know where we should place you in that search mix. So I just wanted to emphasize today the importance of really thinking about the top five positions in Google search, whether its paid or organic, that’s the place you really want to be.

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