Pyrolance distributes top of the line fire-suppression gear to firefighters that uses pressurized water with a non-metallic aggregate, it is completely non-heat producing and does not generate sparks. This gives firefighters the ability to quickly breach and/or cut most types of materials without creating any additional heat or sparks.


PyroLance teamed up with us to construct a Facebook Advertising campaign and a social & messaging strategy aimed at firefighters. We conducted research and analysis on similar emergency products and planned how to position Pyrolance online. We developed a social strategy, messaging strategy, and a six month Facebook Advertising campaign to drive leads in addition to advertising management & reporting.


Over the course of the six month campaign, Pyrolance went from 0 to over 4,000 audience members, garnered over 8MM impressions, drew 11 qualified leads, and generated over $30,000 in revenue.

• 8MM+ Impressions
• 4,000 Facebook Page Likes
• 11 Qualified Leads
• $30,000+ Revenue