Renpure is a family owned and operated business guided by two principles: Create the best products possible and treat every single customer like family. Renpure continues to innovate and create the best possible hair care solutions. Their product is as natural as you can get without the need for refrigeration.


Renpure asked us, as a long term partner, to create and manage 3 simultaneous campaigns to educate individuals on a few of their products. The ultimate goal was getting interested potential customers to click ‘Find My Nearest Location’ to purchase at Target, CVS, and Walmart stores. We created an Advertising Plan and landing pages using our 3D process to educate individuals with the option of finding their nearest location to purchase. Facebook and Instagram were used to reach their target market.


Each campaign saw comparable, excellent results with 45-56% conversion rates, millions of impressions, and over 50,000 engagements. Over half of the individuals that made it to the landing pages exited through a store logo link. The consolidated results are included.
• 16.2 million impressions
• 53.6 thousand engagements
• 48.2 percent average Conversion rate
• 50%+ exit rate