Since 1930, Standard Heating & Air Conditioning has been a family-owned company dedicated to helping Twin Cities homeowners enjoy safe, comfortable homes. From the latest in home heating and cooling comfort to maintenance plans or repairs, you can trust the experts at Standard Heating to deliver top-quality affordable products, with prompt and friendly service.


In April of 2016, Modern Foundation was tasked with turning around a Google and Bing AdWords campaign for one of the largest heating and air conditioning companies in the Twin Cities. The goal was to reach a 100+% return on ad spend, or receive $2 back for every $1 invested in advertising. In April 2015, they were seeing a negative ROI and at the height of 2015, received a $.94 return on every dollar spent in advertising. This process started with an in-depth analysis of keywords, negative keywords, site link extensions, and performance. After the proper analyses were conducted to pinpoint weaknesses, opportunities, and ways to adjust to improve performance, we created a plan to overhaul the entire campaign. This plan was complete with dynamic vs static custom bidding, and an a/b testing plan for call-to-actions, text, and keywords.


The adjustments made to the account had a drastic impact right away and after 7 months of advertising, we saw a 14.92 percent conversion rate, and $3.35 return on ad spend. This was much better than the goal of $2 ROA.

  • cut cost per lead by 2/3
  • over doubled the conversion rate to 14.92 percent
  • 3.35 ROAS