TeleFlex is a global provider of medical technologies designed to improve the health and quality of people’s lives.


TeleFlexpartnered with SMCpros to launch a new product and create a Facebook ad campaign, engagement strategy, and comprehensive governance policy. Teleflex wanted to engage their online community of PACU nurses about Waste Anesthetic Gases. SMCpros had the challenge of finding and reaching the target audience and turning engagement into action in three months time. Modern.Foundation built an engagement strategy, comprehensive governance policy, Facebook application, and digital advertising plan to reach these PACU nurses.


Modern.Foundation was able to generate 15,000,000 impressions, 10,000 interactions, 5,000 visitors, 2,500 leads, and win a health industry Best in Digital 2016 Award of Excellence as a result of the campaign.
•15,000,000 Impressions
• 10,000 Interactions
• 5,000 Visitors
• 2,500 Leads
• Best in Digital 2016 Award of Excellence