Triple Crown Nutrition, Inc. specializes in developing horse feed. The company offers products such as feeds, supplements, forages, and racing formulations.


We worked with Triple Crown to develop a Facebook Advertising campaign, a new Facebook Application, and a targeted messaging strategy. The Facebook Application directed fans to nominate an equestrian nonprofit of their choice for the contest, where they could also view all contest submissions, and learn about the new product line in an interactive way with a charitable backdrop.


Triple Crown’s TLC Holiday Campaign was a smashing success, totaling 3,154 total fan nominations with more than 500 unique equestrian nonprofits submitted. The Facebook advertisements left 8,934,651 impressions and resulted in 20,996 actions. By the end of the campaign, Triple Crown gained 10,640 new likes on their Facebook page and donated $50,000 to the equestrian charities with the most votes.
• 8.9MM+ Impressions
• 20,996 Actions
• 10,640 Page Likes