Wilderness Dreams is retail manufacturer of camouflage lingerie, swimwear, casual wear and activewear. They make beautiful camouflage clothes and intimates that feature classic hunting and camouflage patterns including Mossy Oak® Break-Up®, Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country®, Muddy Girl®, Naked North®, and more.


In partnership with Scales Advertising, Wilderness Dreams enlisted us to drive brand awareness on Facebook and help build an online community of people with a “wilderness” lifestyle. They also sought to increase engagement with their audience through the use of social media. Before Wilderness Dreams came to us, they dealt exclusively with B2B transactions, and the only exposure the brand received was through television advertisements. With the business objectives of Wilderness Dreams in mind, we created a multifaceted social media marketing strategy using our 3D concept to place their products directly in front of a carefully developed target audience, and drive valuable traffic to their Facebook page. Facebook display advertisements were a large piece of the overall strategy.


Although the campaign was 12 months long, one such advertisement in particular performed extremely well to grow their audience and create brand exposure. This single advertisement was able to exceed the client’s expectations of creating brand awareness, building an online community, and increasing engagement, all through the use of social media. Below are numbers from just one of the advertisements we ran.
• 1.6M+ Impressions
• 10,224 Clicks
• 25,884 Actions
• 6,598 Page Likes