SMCpros was extremely excited to have won the Best Places To Work in MN 2016 this past month. We decided to ask our staff: what do you love about working here?

“This award fills us with great pride, as we love our employees. Knowing that our team is happy with their jobs is vital to our culture, and growth as a company.” said Gary Stockert president of SMCpros.

Everyone responded with something positive to say about their job. People love that there is a mutual respect and care here at SMCpros. Everyone treats each other with respect. Our team likes that our atmosphere is fun and laid back. What we love about our employees is they have the dedication to produce high quality work consistently. One person said, “I am constantly learning, and growing as a person here at SMC. Everyone here supports your personal goals, and the environment is motivating and positive. Our management is really empowering.” Our staff is given a variety of work, and many liked that aspect of getting to try new things with their job.

Everyone appreciates, and enjoys the flexibility we give them. We trust that they will complete their tasks on time, and in return offer flexibility within the job. All of our staff enjoys the variety of perks they are given. We have our own company cash called ‘chit’. Employees are given chit when they are excelling, and can exchange the chit for fun prizes. Workers also get lunch for all-staff meetings, and always can grab a snack in the office with our snack nation boxes. Many of the staff enjoys the perks of our office building including a gym, balcony, and cafeteria.smcpros team

The team may get distracted with nerf gun wars here and there, but our positive environment produces award-winning quality work. We all are apart of fostering a collaborative, supportive, fun atmosphere. One employees added, “I don’t feel like another number here, like I would at a larger company. There’s no hierarchy here, and I like the transparency everyone has. I love being apart of a team that really cares about their work, and cares about clients.”

We love our employees, and are so thankful that our team continues to grow with the company. SMCpros wouldn’t be where it is at today without the culture, quality award-winning work, and care our staff gives. We take great pride knowing our team is happy, and SMCpros can be considered as one of the best places to work in Minnesota.

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