Every week we put our President, Gary Stockert, on the spot to answer 3 questions in 3 minutes. Gary doesn’t know what questions will be asked or even WHEN we will barge into his office and demand answers! We live in a time period of short attention spans and a sea of knowledge at our fingertips, it is up to him to explain and distill these questions into short and easy answers for you! This week he discussed LinkedIn and B2B Advertising.

1. What is Your Best Advice for LinkedIn Advertising?

As always when it comes to digital marketing it is absolutely critical that you know your audience. Start with a narrow, but well defined, audience and see how well it performs. LinkedIn advertising can be expensive if you don’t already have a well performing piece of content. First, try testing boosted content or even sponsored in-mail and perfect the content that performs the best before delving into traditional CPC advertisements because the cost can get high very quickly. Truth be told, LinkedIn advertising isn’t for everyone, but you don’t know until you try it out. To maximize results, be sure you have your LinkedIn Insight Tag installed on your website.

2. How Should B2B Companies Approach Marketing Strategies?

We all know that B2B and B2C are very different and as you can imagine the advertising strategy should be different for them too. B2B companies, typically, have a much smaller audience of people in their target audience. We recommend using A/B testing to test what type and length of content will resonate with them. This is where the length of content and what type of content is more critical. In the more technical fields having longer content is fine, because you are speaking to a smaller audience that has a longer attention span. White papers & infographics are also very popular with B2B marketing because it allows you to display a whole wealth of knowledge to your audience at once.

3. What is the Biggest Change You’ve Seen in B2B Strategies?

The biggest change we’ve seen is the use of Facebook. Most people think LinkedIn when you think B2B, but the reality is you can reach people even when they aren’t at work. There are more than 1 billion active Facebook users, odds are, your target audience is probably on Facebook too.  You can reach them when they aren’t at work with specific targeting and strategic content. In this article, Ryan Kelly spends $200 on both Facebook and LinkedIn and the results were crazy, Facebook performed so much better and got more engagement and activity. When targeting people for a B2B company, be sure to be mindful of how the message would come across as they view it among their friends and family timeline to ensure the message is inline with the platform.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog about Gary’s 3 in 3! If you enjoyed this blog check out the full video HERE, and join us next week for another 3 Questions in 3 Minutes from Gary Stockert.

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