Every week we put our President, Gary Stockert, on the spot to answer 3 questions in 3 minutes. Gary doesn’t know what questions will be asked or even WHEN we will barge into his office and demand answers! We live in a time period of short attention spans and a sea of knowledge at our fingertips, it is up to him to explain and distill these questions into short and easy answers for you! This week we asked about website strategies.

1. What Should I Consider When Designing My Website?

Most people want to design their website as an interactive brochure, but really you should focus on making it a sales person that works for you 24/7. It is best to think about what purpose or function you want the website to serve. Focus on the primary call-to-action and let the website serve that function and work for you. Build the website for what the end goal is, content consumption.

2. What Should I Avoid When Creating My Website?

Keep it simple when it comes to your website, don’t focus on flashy features.  Most of the time, flashy features like pop-ups, rollovers and flashy add-ons just get in the way of what your audience is there to do. Keep the design simple and the functions direct.

3. What is the Biggest Mistake that People Make When They Update or Change Their Website?

Many companies want to change the website because they don’t like the way it looks, but they don’t start by looking at the data. The fact of the matter is, that an ‘ugly’ website can still convert well, and a pretty, clean, and cool website can lack conversion power. It is important to understand how people are currently using your website and take that into heavy consideration when looking to upgrade or update your current website. A lot of times the data can show you that your website is being used differently than you expected. Focus on the function of the website and the form based on the data for your website!

Thanks for reading this weeks blog about Gary’s 3 in 3! If you enjoyed this blog check out the full video HERE, and join us next week for another 3 Questions in 3 Minutes from Gary Stockert.

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