Every week we put our President, Gary Stockert, on the spot to answer 3 questions in 3 minutes. Gary doesn’t know what questions will be asked or even WHEN we will barge into his office and demand answers! We live in a time period of short attention spans and a sea of knowledge at our fingertips, it is up to him to explain and distill these questions into short and easy answers for you! This week he discusses mobile optimization.

1. What Does it Mean to be Mobile Optimized?

Many people assume if they have a mobile version of their website that they are mobile optimized, but in reality not just the interface has to be considered, but the brand itself. Take into consideration that it is not uncommon to see 80% of web traffic from mobile.  Being mobile optimized can also include being active on other sites that are commonly used via mobile, YouTube and Facebook for example, so you want to have smooth brand interactions on all mobile sites. If you still are unclear if your website is mobile optimized or not, go and actually experience your site via mobile and test to see if your websites primary CTA can be achieved in 3 clicks or less. If you aren’t sure what we mean by primary CTA, checkout our last blog that delves deeper into what purpose your website should serve.

2. Doesn’t WordPress Mobile Optimize for Me?

WordPress can get you close, but the mobile version of WordPress websites aren’t always the best for you and your company. Sometimes a hero image can look great on desktop, but fills the entire mobile screen and in that case it might be best to remove a hero image on mobile and replace it with a navigation bar. It really depends on what the primary goal of the website is and making sure it is easy to find and use.

3. How Can I Tell How Much of My Traffic Comes from Mobile?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can tell you a lot about your brand and the experience your visitors are having. We are a data driven company and we focus a lot on what story the data can tell. If you are receiving more traffic on mobile than you expected, but your mobile conversions are still lower than your desktop conversions, then it is wise to review the consumer’s journey when they are on your mobile site to try and figure out why they aren’t purchasing right from their phone. Having multiple ways to purchase can also play a part in mobile conversions. You want to make sure each part of the buyer’s journey is quick and seamless, especially on mobile.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog about Gary’s 3 in 3! If you enjoyed this blog check out the full video HERE, and join us next week for another 3 Questions in 3 Minutes from Gary Stockert.

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