Developing a content strategy that exceeds the expectations of your audience is vital for your business if it wants to stand out among the best in your industry. Your first step should include focused content which proves your expertise by educating your target audience about your specific business services or products through informative articles, images and blog posts. Many businesses stop here.

The missing link between brands who have a few thousand followers and those who’ve become social media giants is a key ingredient called lifestyle content. Your followers are searching for more than just the product or service you provide. Why not offer content that educates, informs, helps and entertains your audience? Lifestyle content is your ticket to reaching an audience that doesn’t even know they need you.

What is Lifestyle Content

It’s content that on the surface has nothing to do with your business or offerings. Examples include memes, GIFs, funny videos, holiday observances and pop culture references. Lifestyle content also can include employee spotlights! What do your employees do in their spare time? What are their interests outside of work? These details will enhance the humanity of your brand, build customer relationships and add a personal touch to your company. Let your followers know you beyond what products or services you have to offer. Connect with your customers on a more personal level. The idea is to help your audience view you as more than just a business.

Why Lifestyle Content is Important

There are a couple reasons why lifestyle content is important to the overall success of your business on social media. First, it adds variety to your channels. This is important for attracting and keeping fans. If your page is just a long line of sales type posts, users will not spend time on your page or engage with you. If your fans aren’t engaging with you, then what’s the point of having a page and spending time producing content? Second and more importantly, lifestyle content will enhance your overall reach. Since Facebook changed its algorithm, people see less of your posts than they used to. Plus, when people interact less often with the posts they do see, they will see less from you in the future. Which is where lifestyle content can be really beneficial for you. It won’t cost you money and it will help you get the “Likes” you need to grow your sales and product related posts continue to show up in people’s newsfeeds. Your audience is more likely to “Like” a GIF or meme than they would one of your sales type posts.

If you’d like to learn more about lifestyle content or social content in general, please contact us today. We’d love to help!