Our process allows us to work with brands and agency partners across many industries. Why do they switch to Modern Foundation? This is what we hear.

– We want to make smarter decisions.

They start driving immediately. We take a look under the hood first.

– We need to turn our marketing around.

They give you what you want. We’ll tell you what you need.

– We don’t know where our money is going.

They charge you a price and ask you to trust them. We’re transparent.

– We’re having trouble proving ROI per channel

They make excuses and promises. We track everything and prove our value.

– Reports are raw data without actionable insights.

They give you the numbers. We give you context and recommendations.

– We want more than followers, likes, impressions, and views.

They count the people they reach. We reach the people that count.

– We think that’s the case, but we just don’t know.

They make assumptions. We confirm or deny them with tools.