Companies within the service industry are always trying to take the next steps to effectively attribute an ROI model to their marketing efforts. With so many channels driving traffic to the website, it is easy to get into the weeds when trying to identify what channel is getting you a return on your investments, or where you are wasting marketing dollars. Within this blog we will discuss how to track calls on Google Ads.

Call Tracking Software Integration

Before diving into Facebook and Google, in order to effectively track you must shop out a call tracking software that integrates with your website. If you have a WordPress site there are multiple platforms out there that will easily integrate with your website, though we recommend CallRail. If you do not, you will need custom code or shop out a platform that integrates with your host.

Call Tracking with Google Ads

Time after time I will receive a new campaign that wasn’t performing to the client’s expectations, hence why I am in the account. Typically, right off the bat I would say that 60% of clicks are wasted IF you are not utilizing call tracking at a keyword level. As an AdWords advertiser, if you can attribute an appointment set from your AdWords campaign AT THE KEYWORD LEVEL, you are going to be able to save your client TONS of money and decrease your cost per conversion dramatically.

Within this software you will be able to have a few additional golden nuggets like call recording, attributing not only the lead but the clients name, what time they called, and you also have the conversation the business had with the potential client.

This way, at the end of the month when it comes to reporting time you have all the leads you drove with the client name, the date they called, and if they actually set an appointment or not. This is ideal for most companies to have in their hands month over month because they can then directly attribute if the appointment set converted into an actual sale, allowing them to effectively monitor an ROI plan.

If you’d like to learn more about call tracking or any of our other digital advertising capabilities, please contact us today.