We champion the use of data to uncover game-changing insights that inspire innovative, courageous ideas to drive your business forward.

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Modern Foundation is an innovative digital marketing agency that leverages analytics and data-driven strategies to maximize insights that accelerate growth.

We evaluate the sales strategy and look for opportunities to significantly grow qualified leads and revenue, resulting in shortening the lead process. Our approach to a successful B2B strategy is discovering and leveraging your unique value proposition to develop an innovative digital marketing strategy.

It’s not just about a ‘Where to Buy’ strategy it’s about customers interacting with your brand and products. We focus our efforts around personal performance, health, and wellness brands. Our category intelligence allows us to leverage what we know about customer mindsets and buying behaviors to connect with them through the right messaging based on where they are in the purchase journey. This creates customer intimacy.

Users interact with your brand on digital media, and you ask, why are they not buying products? Or why are my sales not increasing? Right message, Right person, Right time. It’s not that generic. You need to know who your customers are and where they are on the journey. What are the barriers? Do they need more education or inspiration? Building an eCommerce strategy starts with understanding the customer needs and how they buy, which leads to the financial outcome that makes sense.

It’s crowded out there.

Brands are all vying for attention. Our approach focuses on your industry, your business objectives, and your customers. We develop robust digital experiences through eco-system design, purchase funnel strategy, and messaging themes for an optimized digital strategy that gets results.


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