The marketing landscape is broken. Data isn’t used to confirm and deny assumptions. Strategy isn’t rooted in insight. Reporting isn’t transparent.
So we fixed it.

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Modern Foundation is an analytics-first marketing consultancy working with brands & agency partners alike.

Many B2B brands don’t believe social and search will work for them. Whether you sell to businesses or consumers, every brand sells P2P [person to person], and they are online. With the sophistication of targeting on social platforms, the email databases and white paper assets many have, and a focus on high intent keywords, B2B brands are seeing success online.

It may be difficult to measure ROI through large or complicated retail and distribution chains, it isn’t difficult to create a system that leads users to purchase your products where it is most convenient for them and measure traffic, click-through, and intent. Through a mixture of social messaging, blogging, and advertising, we can create a ‘Where to Buy’ strategy that works for your brand.

It’s a whole new world for E-commerce brands. Traffic sources, visitor flow, and channel by channel conversions and ROI is easy to track and measure. Amazon and social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are coming out with new E-commerce-specific tools and strategies that brands can capitalize on.

Agencies often have dedicated teams for research, social media, search, and advertising activities, but no business can do everything. We often partner with branding, traditional, and vendor rep firms to augment services they provide and act as an extension in spaces they don’t play. Whether we’re a clear partner or branded as that agency, we’re here to help.

Skipping Steps Is Costly

Course corrections take time and are often costly. Clients that use our process greatly increase their chances of succeeding with their goals.

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