Modern Foundation

How We Work

We help great companies grow their revenues online.

By harnessing the power of data and diving deep to understand consumer behaviors, we uncover bold ideas and build the cohesive approach to your digital strategy that propels your business.

What We Do

Modern Foundation provides a cohesive digital strategy by championing the use of data, generative A.I., and industry research to understand behaviors and uncover game-changing insights that inspire innovative and courageous ideas to drive your business forward.
Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Everything begins with strategic planning. We work with you to define marketing goals to achieve your company’s objectives. We use our insights into your business and your customers to make data actionable.

Reporting & Dashboards

Reporting & Dashboards

Our reports and dashboards are more than just numbers — they’re the keys to leveraging your data. We dive deep into what the numbers mean, what they don’t mean, and, most importantly, how to leverage them effectively.

Audits & Analyses

Audits & Analyses

Every project we take on includes some research and analysis component to uncover low-hanging fruit opportunities and make meaningful recommendations based on the data.

SEO & Marketing

SEO & Marketing

The competition for organic and paid search rankings has only gotten more competitive. We dive deep to understand what your customers need and how they search to improve your rankings and visibility.

Social Advertising

Digital Media Advertising

We reach your customers wherever they spend their time online. With a deep understanding of your customer, we are able to precisely target audiences across the web and cut through the clutter with ads tailored specifically to your customer.

Contact Creation

Content Strategy

Taking a strategic approach to your content, we plan, develop, and manage content that meets the needs of your target audiences, builds brand awareness, and ultimately drives action.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

From growing your email list to protecting your sender reputation and creating content, we help you build brand loyalty, inspire community, and drive engagement with your email program.

Measurable Results

Measurable Results

Our strategic approach to digital marketing unifies each individual component to ensure that our work builds on itself and delivers results that drive your business forward.

Recent Client Successes

We take pride in delivering tangible results for our clients. Here are a few highlights of our recent client successes across various industries.

B2B Demand Generation

Delivered a digital marketing strategy that revolutionized Dockzilla’s marketing and demand generation, significantly growing revenue.

B2C Marketing

Built comprehensive digital marketing strategies for Schmitt Music’s 13 stores spread across the Midwest that exceeded sales goals.

E-Commerce Account Registrations

Leveraged Embroidery Library’s existing customer data to drive digital marketing campaigns for new account registrations and revenue.

“Modern Foundation is the heart and soul of our lead generation.”
Carrie Leum, CEO Dockzilla
“I’ve hired Modern Foundation twice now for two different businesses. If I start a third, they will be my first call again. Great partners that are diligent, knowledgeable, and fair.”
Tom Redmond, Founder and CEO of Diabetes Doctor
“You have changed the perception of the sales team that believed only in traditional advertising. You made them believers in digital advertising.”
Paul Thomsen, Senior VP of Sales at Schmitt Music

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