Many of us are guilty of owning a blog and not committing to generating the content to keep the blog current. We’ve seen it time and time again. Typically, it isn’t due to a lack of ideas, but the lack of strategy behind the topics.

A Blog’s Purpose

What is the purpose of your blog? Many of us believe that our blog is a place where we educate our customers and followers, but your blog has a larger purpose, which is why we encourage our clients to build their blog strategy off a keyword analysis. We want your blog to carry as much search engine optimization (SEO) value as possible. You most likely have possible customers that are searching for resources that you offer, but your website isn’t showing up. Why? Because your website isn’t optimized based off the search keywords that are most relevant to your target audience.

How Blogs Help

Your business may sell a very select brand of clothing, and you want to reach women that are interested in Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, or Louis Vuitton, but you are not receiving that traffic to your site. Instead of thinking like your brand, you need to think like your customer. Which leads us to your keyword analysis. We are going to look to see what the search trends are in that space and focus on the keywords that have the highest search volume. This is the lowest hanging fruit to increasing traffic to your site.

At Modern Foundation, we are advocates for building a blog strategy off a keyword analysis specific to your industry, and then building a long-term strategy of content (typically, 6-12 months long). This road map takes the guessing out of what you need to talk about during a given month, optimizes around what keywords will help your SEO the greatest, and ensures you have a variety of content your audience will find valuable.

To learn more about what a blog strategy can do for your website. Please contact us for a quick chat.