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Is Vero a game changing social media platform? Only time will tell.

With all of the algorithm changes recently, Vero is going against the grain with their social platform. Vero is not new to the game, they launched in 2015, but it has been in the spotlight recently as many influencers and celebrities are joining and due to their limited offer of, the first 1,000,000 users to sign-up get the platform free for life, and others after that will have an annual fee. Their slogan is “Less Social Media, More Social Life” and they say they are a social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it and wants control over who they share it with (close friend, friend, acquaintance). The main differentiator between Vero and other social platforms is that it shows content in chronological order. Vero says it also doesn’t use advertising, algorithms, or data mining.  To make money, Vero uses a to-be-launched subscription model and charges companies when they sell products through Vero’s “Buy Now” option.

Have you signed up yet?

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