It’s amazing that we still get questions about digital advertising vs. traditional advertising. It seems that this year, more than previous years, customers are trying to maximize their budgets to the fullest extent and realize their return on investment.

To us, the answer is simple, we are an organization that feeds off data and love to roll up our sleeves and dig in to see what a client’s digital traffic is doing. We look at how many people a campaign is reaching and what those people are doing when they click the advertisement, then head over to your site.

In our experience, digital advertising continues to be a big player in ensuring that marketers see the value of their advertising dollars when they invest budgets to drive traffic to their website and capture leads.

With print, it is difficult to forecast what the visibility of the advertisement is and if it activates a target audience to take action. Digital advertising allows for testing different strategies at reasonable spending levels. Digital advertising also allows you to pivot and change directions quickly without disrupting the momentum already started.

We know, we are biased, but in all fairness, it is easy to let the results speak for themselves, our case studies prove that there is value in results you can track.

Analytics, and results help a marketer understand where they are meeting their customer’s needs or where they need to adjust in order to fulfill the customer’s needs. With a traditional advertising campaign, it is difficult to gauge success of the advertisement at a much higher investment.

As you are planning marketing strategies into 2019, we encourage you to think of your strategies with results in mind. Below are some questions to get the ball rolling:

  1. What is our top priority with our marketing budget? Visibility or driving people to the website.
  2. Did you reach the people you’d hoped for last year?
  3. Do you plan to spend what you did last year in advertising?
  4. Do you want to see quality customers raise their hand or is it a matter of getting as many people as possible to see your brand?

If you think that digital advertising might be a bigger part of your budget next year. Our team can help you determine based on analytics, where you should put the most of your effort in 2019.