Winning an award for a marketing campaign is like being a parent on Christmas; no matter how excited you are, it pales in comparison to the excitement of your children or in this case the client. While few businesses will select a marketing company strictly based on the awards they’ve won, it can certainly be a nice feather in your agency’s cap. It can also serve as validation to both current and future clients that your agencies methods will, in fact, do what you say they will. Awards also give your clients peace of mind, knowing the agency they’re entrusting their marketing budget with is being recognized, within their own industry, as award worthy. Due to this, we are humbled and honored to be selected by The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts to receive a 2016 Davey Award in the Community Management & Engagement category.

What is a Davey Award?

The Davey Awards honors the best in web, design, video, advertising, mobile and social from small agencies worldwide. The Awards are sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, which is an invitation-only body consisting of top-tier professionals from acclaimed media, advertising and marketing firms. This year marked the 12th Annual Davey Awards.

Why We Were Selected

We were hired to manage and support the social channels for a line of Emoji bean bag chairs, called GoMoji’s, during their in-store launch at Walmart. Our campaign was scheduled to last from May 6th to June 20, while they were being promoted in the center aisle. We were given a $1,200 budget for page likes to grow the audience on Facebook and a $400 budget to increase awareness and reach with Boosted Posts (4 total) during that time period. GoMoji’s Facebook page had less than 5 likes when we took over. The following were the results of our 36 day push to maximize awareness and engagement.

Likes: 17,084
Unlikes: 276
Users Who Engaged With the Page: 78,131
Users Reached: 1,212,546
Total Impressions: 1,426,289

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