Every morning, I wake up and immediately pull up my Evernote journal. I’ve made the choice to start my day with thinking about all the people and things I’m thankful for. I find that setting my mind on gratefulness in the first minutes of my day helps me have more positivity to give to everybody throughout my day. Recently, I had the opportunity to be grateful for something few people in their lives ever get to experience: an all-expenses paid trip to the Philippines. The EO Philippines chapter asked me to come out to teach their members how to use social media more effectively for their businesses. In preparation for the speaking engagement, a survey went out to all the attendees asking them what they wanted to learn. Topics ranged from: what social platforms are most effective for B2B businesses, to how do we know what to post on our social accounts, to how do build a positive ROI with our social media efforts?

           Although I’ve given social media presentations hundreds of times, this one was different. Before I presented, I wanted to make sure that the answers that are common in America would be similar to what the right answers would be in the Philippines. After researching extensively about social media usage in the Philippines, many outcomes arose that I did not expect:

  • A higher % of people in the Philippines use social media than in America.
  • Filipinos use messaging apps substantially more frequently than people in America.
  • Dramatically fewer companies were using social media with even fewer showing any levels of success.
  • Filipino Social Media Companies will openly say they don’t do strategy and do not believe they’re good at it. Instead, they want to be the execution team for marketing strategy built by foreign firms.
  • The tools social media companies were using in the Philippines were the same tools our team uses at SMCpros.

This experience opened my eyes to the reality that SMCpros can serve companies all across the world far more effectively than I imagined. Our ability to partner with local firms for execution, the trust we’ll be able to earn on building out the strategy and speaking a common language make it easy to realize that we could have clients anywhere around the world.

If your organization is struggling with its social media objectives or just wants to become more efficient at it, I would love to present for you and set you up on the path to success: http://smcpros.com/contact-us/