In 2017, it would seem like a social media policy is old news considering a vast majority of working populations use social media in their personal lives. Last year, 80% of the U.S. population had a social media account. Worldwide, 2.34 billion people have a social media account.

I continue to see the value of a social media policy when organizations are trying to find the tone and messaging that they want to share with their fans, customers and target audiences.

Below are a few reasons your organization should have a social media policy:

Informs your Employees

A social media policy serves as a guide and the expectations of your employees when they use social media for the company or how they talk about the company on social media. Allowing your organization to control internal to external messaging.

Reminds your Teams of Their Responsibilities as a Brand Ambassador

For the good or the bad when we work for an organization, we are the brand ambassadors of the business. What we say or do directly reflects the brand, management and reputation of the organization. Social media has a long memory and it’s terribly difficult take something back once it’s out. Establishing expectations early and on paper, serves as a reminder that what we say about our business, clients, and bosses can generate results we hadn’t prepared for.

Controls Who Speaks for your Brand

Even though I said everyone is a brand ambassador for your business. It is best to have a limited number of spokespeople that actually curate content on behalf of your brand. In your social media policy, you are able to clearly define the parameters on who is responsible for approving all content that is released to public.

The ultimate goal with a social media policy is to set the standard for your organization and clearly define the roles and responsibilities of all who represent your company. Clearly communicating expectations internally will allow for greater and more unified communication when posting and interacting on social media.

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