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Ads at a Glance: Facebook Collection Ads

Social and search advertising are two things that arguably change more than the weather. Unless you live in it every day, and even if you do, there are updates you may have missed. Why is that important? Because your competitors might be utilizing these updates and capitalizing while you’re blissfully unaware that they have an edge. That being said, here’s one you may have missed: Facebook Collection advertisements.

What are Facebook Collection Ads?

Facebook Collection ads are an ad type for Facebook that allows you to promote an image or video along with four visible products. You’re allowed to include up to 50 products total, but only four will show in the advertisement along with an image or video.

When someone clicks on your ad, they’re led to an interstitial browsing environment that can be housed on Facebook or a platform of your choosing to look at all of the included products. Not only does the interstitial browser create a seamless experience for the user, but it also keeps semi-interested users off your website, decreasing bounce rates, and keeping high- and mid-funnel users out of your retargeting audiences.

If a user then clicks on a specific product in the browsing environment, they’re automatically taken to the associated eCommerce product page where they can buy. Think of Facebook Collection Advertisements like carousel ads on steroids.

Why are Facebook Collection Ads Valuable?

There are a few reasons why. First off, Facebook Collection ads are a great way to showcase products that can be purchased online, especially for new product lines, bundles, and holiday campaigns. Secondly, it works great for product lines that require a bit of education because you can educate users with a video and then provide an easy avenue to browse.

Who Should Use Facebook Collection Ads?

Generally, Facebook Collection ads are geared toward businesses that have retail products to sell (ie. clothing, accessories, consumer products, etc.). Since Collection Ads are geared toward showcasing four or more products at once, it is much easier to showcase multiple physical products in the allotted space than it is to showcase a service-based product. Although these ads can certainly be used for more service-based businesses (ie, restaurants, plumbing, consulting, etc.), not having eye-popping standalone products may present more of a challenge. But, as marketers, who doesn’t enjoy a challenge?

It’s important to stay up to speed on new features because platforms such as Meta, TikTok, and other social platforms tend to create new ad formats based on what they believe would succeed in the updated algorithms. Testing some of the newest ad features on ad platforms are a great idea Facebook Collection ads are just one type of ad, and there are other types that might be more appropriate for you based on the overall goal of your campaigns.


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